Thanks, Adobe!

The brand product that I use everyday is Adobe.
As we know, Adobe provides a range of products for digital media creation and editing, multimedia authoring, and web development. Yes, I love digital picture creation and editing!  This is the fate between me and Adobe since I own a blog in year 2006.

Before I learn Adobe, I only able to use simple software such as paint and cyworld (Korea). I asked some of my net friends that are expert in Adobe Photoshop but because of the distance, they didn't teach me how to use Photoshop.

I Decided to Explore by My Own

Two years ago, I decided to install Adobe Photoshop software in my laptop and started to explore it by myself.


 At first, I only can change the colour, image effects and add some texts.

After a period of time,
I start to collage pictures and add on some creative idea or my thinking on those picture.

Now, I can change some art work and make it as my presentation slide.
I also apply my picture and video editing skills on my current assignments.

presentation slide

Recently, I designed some flyer, poster, booklet with Adobe Photoshop
and add on some effects with Adobe Premiere Pro in advertisement video.

My group members wish to learn from me because they found it interesting and useful for the future. I told them, go and explore yourself, install the software and try to learn it now!

Finally, I realize that sometimes, we need to explore things by ourselves if we really have passion on it. No one is going to take responsible on your interest. Passion burning live so strong, and this make us alive. 


With Love,
Wan Ting (128541)

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