What I Learned in Advertising Electronic Class

First of all, I would like to say thank you to Madam for all your efforts in these 14 weeks. <3 I just realized ‘advertising’ not only divided to product advertising and corporate advertising, but it’s also contains primary demand stimulation, selective demand stimulation, direct response advertising, delayed response advertising and so on.

I also understand that, advertising is not only involve household consumers and trade channel, but it also involve with business organizations, professionals and government or non profit organization. Also, from these classes, I studied about consumer behavior, and I got more knowledge in this area.

I learned media in my previous Public Relations class, so I have no big surprise on this topic. Anyway, if time could return back, I would like to have more training on advertising creative process.

Here are my some suggestions.
  1. Involve students and discuss how they going to create an advertisement and message strategic if we are agency for company or product X, Y or Z. (brainstorming and creative practise)
  2. Play at least two advertising videos in every lecture. Discuss about the products and their targeted audience or area, advertising message, copy writing, strength and shortcoming, or advertising ethics.(case studies)
  3. Held one or two days seminar, invite some Adobe Photoshop or video editing experts to teach students skills of advertising production. 
  4. Find out some best advertisements in the world that awarded last two years. Discuss the responsibilities of advertisement to advertisers and social education. 

Last but not least, I found that Advertising Ethics is not involved in our lecture or discussion. I think it is the most important topic of advertising because only with the existence of policy or some core principles, we as a member of society could create an integrated, harmony and peaceful society.

That's all for me.
Thank you and all the best!

Wan Ting (128541)

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